We help you know who to trust.

Our background investigations provide you with a complete picture of management teams, fund managers, executive hires, business partners and vendors — allowing you to transact with confidence. Here’s how we help you make smart decisions.

Private Equity Deals

Our team of investigative experts knows how to find the critical information about founders, executives, investors, and affiliates that private equity investors must be aware of before closing a deal. We conduct a deep-dive review that covers multiple jurisdictions, delving into the performance and qualifications of the management team. We work to confirm what has been represented to you and make sure there are no surprises. Sometimes we discover information that kills a deal — outlandish criminal behavior, regulatory sanctions, fraud — but more often we uncover intelligence that leads to an enhanced perspective or restructured deal terms.

Venture Capital Investments

Venture capital firms need to make sure they are backing someone they can trust to grow a business and protect their reputation as prudent investors, whether they’re making an early- or late-stage investment. We look at founders, executives and existing investors, reviewing social media and other online presences, any negative publicity, educational credentials and professional licenses, regulatory and sanction databases and global watchlists. The targeted scope of this investigation is designed specifically for our venture capital clients, who are interested in the highlights of a subject’s background within a quicker turnaround time.

Fund Manager Selection

Our team of experts plays a critical role in the operational due diligence review of new and existing managers — general partners, key executives, investment decision makers — for funds of funds, pension funds and family offices around the world. We’ll highlight any conflicts of interest, regulatory actions, misrepresentations of credentials or career history, criminal records or other activities that might impact the manager’s ability to perform and operate to your expectations. This investigation is enhanced by a review of industry-specific trade journals, publications and regulatory sources to shed more light on the manager’s reputation.

For a fund, we look at disciplinary actions, controversial investments or relationships and litigation. We also review feeder funds and other affiliated entities in additional jurisdictions such as the Cayman Islands, Jersey and the Channel Islands and other international locations.

Executive Hiring and Board Member Appointments

To protect your company’s reputation and preserve its corporate culture, you need to know exactly who you’re hiring. Issues in someone’s past can be extremely damaging once surfaced by your clients, investors or, most damaging, the press. Our executive investigations provide you with a complete picture of your candidate, including interviews with personal and professional references conducted by our expert staff. We also cover criminal history, civil litigation, business interests, verification of credentials and certifications, global regulatory review, traditional and social media review, consumer credit and motor vehicle review, and include expert analysis and recommendations.

Pre-Engagement and Vendor Screening

Carefully evaluating new relationships is critical to protecting your company’s assets and reputation. We can identify threats and others risks associated with prospective clients, partners or vendors you intend to deal with across the globe. The same expert methodology used in our executive background checks and private equity due diligence investigations is applied to these customizable assessments. These investigations typically cover criminal history, civil litigation, business interests, verification of credentials and certifications, global regulatory review, traditional and social media review, consumer credit and motor vehicle review, and include expert analysis and recommendations.

International Due Diligence

We conduct investigations worldwide, working in more than 75 countries. Our global background investigations of potential partners, fund managers and executives are spearheaded by our team of international public record specialists and leverage our exclusive network of vetted investigators across the globe. Our best-in-breed local partners are former FBI, CIA and other federal agents who have the resources and expertise to gather intelligence for our clients. And the information they find is presented in the same clear, succinct and intelligent manner as our U.S. investigation reports. No translation necessary.

Mergers & Acquisitions and IPOs

Mergers & Acquisitions and IPOs

Before acquiring another company, making a large investment, engaging in a joint venture or taking a company public, it is important to know who you are dealing with and mitigate any risks. Depending on the scope and size of your deal and the players involved, we can use a mixed approach to focus on the most important executives without ignoring other potential sources of risk. Our investigative analysts locate, analyze and report potential red flags, and they also parse the seemingly innocuous information they find to identify additional intelligence that may be relevant to your deal. In the case of cross-border deals, we provide on-the-ground research in the relevant overseas jurisdictions, complemented by the same succinct, clear and intelligent presentation of our U.S. reports.