Private Equity Due Diligence

Financial and legal due diligence are accepted norms in the investment community. What is often overlooked is the importance of conducting proper executive background checks on a management team, fund manager or business partner. Executive background checks are your “people due diligence”. The success of your investment relies on the abilities of the people you invest in. Although not a line item on the balance sheet, a company’s management team is one of the most important assets of any organization.

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There is a tremendous amount of information online, but it is imperative to know what is not available. The gap between the two is wide. The ability to identify discrepancies, vagaries, and half-truths is as indispensable as finding overt criminal record histories or regulatory problems. As more and more state and federal regulations clamp down on the investment industry, meticulous due diligence techniques will be required. These techniques need to involve much more than a quick Google search or a simple check-the-box automated record review. With the help of investigators and intelligence analysts, CRI conducts exhaustive public record and database research, verifications, and independent interviews. There is no such thing as too much due diligence.

CRI conducts private equity due diligence investigations worldwide, working in more than 75 countries. Our global executive background investigations of potential partners, fund managers and executives are spearheaded by our team of international public record specialists and leverage our exclusive network of vetted investigators across the globe. Our best-in-breed local partners are former FBI, CIA and other federal agents who have the resources and expertise to gather intelligence for our clients. And the information they find is presented in the same clear, succinct and intelligent manner as our U.S. investigation reports. No translation necessary.

To conduct a thorough executive background check or private equity due diligence investigation you must start with comprehensive research strategies. But that is just one piece of the puzzle; connecting the dots and analyzing all the information are what truly separates an investigation from a data dump.

All CRI investigations rely on the rigorous dissection of data.

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