We are built on a strong foundation.

For almost 40 years, our founder has been helping investors and business leaders make informed decisions. Ken S. Springer is a former FBI Special Agent, and one of the early pioneers of the concept of investigative due diligence. Today, we are known as the only investigative firm that specializes in background investigations for the alternative investment community. Our commitment to protecting the interests of clients has led to significant growth in recent years and we are well positioned for the future under the leadership of Ken H. Springer and Joelle Scott. Together, they are focused on improving and expanding the company’s investigative methods while investing in a world-class team of experts, strengthened by a vetted global network of hundreds of investigators and intelligence specialists.

We’ll keep growing and improving alongside our valued clients, but our vision remains unchanged: to protect investors and decision makers, arming them with the information they can’t afford to miss.

During his 12 years of service in the FBI, Ken S. Springer investigated fraud and financial crimes and was acutely aware that information was the key to a successful investigation. In 1985, Ken led the creation and development of the Financial Crimes Task Force, which enabled the FBI, NYPD and U.S. Secret Service to share information, allowing for more informed and effective law enforcement.

After the FBI, Ken brought his skills to Bishops Services, an investigative firm founded in 1898. Ken ultimately became president of Bishops, and with this experience in private business investigations, he saw a need to protect investors. In 1991, he founded Corporate Resolutions Inc.

At Corporate Resolutions, Ken quickly set the standard for any pre-investment background investigation. Corporate Resolutions broke away from the conventional practice of simply verifying credentials and affiliations, instead insisting on independently compiling information about the personal, public and professional background of an individual or company.

With this new product in hand, Ken and his team set out to educate the investment community on the benefits of proper due diligence and the risks associated with making decisions on trust alone. Ken and Corporate Resolutions have played a significant role in taking background investigations from a cloak-and-dagger exercise to a mandatory component of any business transaction. We’re proud of that, and for good reason: Knowledge is power.