Building trust through expert due diligence.

Building trust through expert due diligence.

Over 300 leading investment firms trust Corporate Resolutions to uncover hidden risks so they can focus on everything else.

A thorough background investigation is the only way to be sure you have a complete picture of your investment and management team.

What We Do

At CRI, we make sure you're informed, so you can do business wherever opportunities arise. For more than 30 years, we've conducted due diligence background investigations for:

  • Private equity deals

    Private Equity Deals

  • Venture capital investments

    Venture Capital Investments

  • Executive Hiring

    Executive Hiring

  • International Investigations

    International Investigations

  • Fund Manager Selection

    Fund Manager Selection

  • Pre-Engagement and Vendor Screening

    Pre-Engagement and Vendor Screening

We Are Different

Founded by a former FBI Special Agent, we have designed an investigative methodology that is focused on accuracy, completeness, efficiency and effectiveness.

We find.

We continuously assess and incorporate the latest data sources and technology. That, coupled with our exclusive search strategies, guarantees we will find the information you need.

We analyze.

We know human analysis is integral to every investigation. An experienced investigator stays with your project from start to finish to ensure nothing is missed. And, unlike AI, we know how to avoid false positives.

We communicate.

We produce the highest quality reports with insightful recommendations. Our team communicates proactively and consistently so you are always in the loop. 

We protect.

We adhere to strict policies to keep your sensitive and confidential information secure.  Protecting your information and capital is our top priority.

We Have Something to Say

Q&A with Joelle Scott featured in Pitchbook’s 2020 Annual US PE Middle Market Report

Our COO shares some insights with Pitchbook on transaction due diligence: The availability of critical background information, the spectrum of risk tolerance for PE, and industry specific challenges.

Human Analysis Separates Itself from Artificial Intelligence

Most investors know that important transactions require human analysis. Without it you may be relying on inaccurate findings and assumptions that often arise from automated due diligence solutions.

“You Talking to Me?”

An interview by an experienced investigator is a very effective diligence tool. The interview provides an assessment that cannot be achieved through document analysis alone.

Hiding in Plain Sight

How to Find a Jekyll’s Hyde in Social Media Profiles. Social media is a useful tool for investors to uncover damaging postings related to their investments.

More Care for Healthcare

As healthcare investments continue to increase in size and number, investors need to be savvy as to why these deals have greater exposure and require full-scale diligence.

Protecting Board Integrity

Reputation is a critical data point when evaluating board members. Be sure you know exactly who is sitting in that important “seat”.

#MeToo Shakes Up Manager Due Diligence

FundFire speaks with the experts (Corporate Resolutions is one!) on how to handle this delicate issue.