You ask, we answer.

Who does CRI investigate?

We perform background investigations of management teams for prospective portfolio companies, fund managers, executive hires, board members and business partners. We help you know who to trust.

When do you send the report?

When do you need it? Our typical investigation takes about three weeks, with constant updates from us along the way. But our team of expert analysts can meet any deadline. And information in the final report is never a surprise — you’ll know what we know throughout the process.

What if the deal is outside the United States?

We work with a vetted network of investigators and intelligence specialists to execute our inquiries overseas — anywhere in the world. We’ve also partnered with Arachnys, a London-based firm specializing in international financial risk analysis, to leverage their expertise in our global investigations.

Do you need authorization from the subject of the investigation?

If this person is a potential hire, yes. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires authorization for all pre-employment background checks. But if you’re pursuing a deal, no. An authorization form can be a helpful level of disclosure, but it’s not necessary.

How much does this cost?

We offer a flat fee per investigation subject, whether it’s an individual or company. Our different packages vary in scope and cost, but no matter which one you choose there are never any hidden fees.

What other companies offer similar services?

There are global security and risk consultancies that offer a variety of services, some of which sound like ours. At CRI, we’re focused exclusively on background investigations for investment clients. And we always have been.

Do you look at social media?

Yes. (How could we not?) We independently find it, scour it and assess it. We also partner with Fama Technologies, which uses machine learning and natural language processing to carefully examine all details of a subject’s online presence.

What else do you need?

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