We help you know who to trust.

Business ethics matter.

When you’re faced with a delicate situation, our investigative expertise can help you gather the intelligence you need. Our experienced investigators can look into a wide range of projects across the globe, leveraging a network of former FBI and CIA agents, and other experts with public and private sector experience. We have resources and expertise in surveillance, interviewing, computer forensics and data retrieval, forensic accounting, cybercrime and threats, money laundering, handwriting analysis and psychological profiling. We’ll find what you need to know.

And our ethics hotline can be a vehicle for your employees, vendors and other stakeholders to anonymously report fraud, sexual harassment or other inappropriate behavior in the workplace. When we receive an anonymous report, we forward the issue to designated recipients at your company, whether officers, directors, investors and board members.

The hotline can be reached via phone and email, with optional web access. It operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and it has multilingual capabilities. With our ethics hotline, companies can address and resolve problems internally, before they become widespread and harmful to employees’ wellbeing and the company’s reputation.