CRI and iThreat host Client Learning Event

CRI recently hosted a Client Learning Event with its newly announced strategic partner, iThreat Cyber Group.  Meeting at the Yale Club in NYC for breakfast on April 23rd, CRI and iThreat discussed how to Defend Your Business from Frauds and Hackers.  In an intimate setting, Ken Springer, Jeff Bedser and Jim Emerson (the principals of iThreat) discussed the risks and reliabilities of mobile devices, apps and social networking sites; trends in cyber vulnerabilities and how to avoid them and best practices for investors to adopt to prevent hackers and frauds from infiltrating your business.
CRI and iThreat’s strategic partnership gives CRI’s investment clients exclusive access to iThreat’s leading cyber solutions.  Together we are developing a Cyber Due Diligence product that will bridge the gap between investigative due diligence and cyber investigations, by providing investors with a multidimensional perspective of risk: from the company’s management team to its cyber profile (hackers, piracy, vulnerabilities).
We are excited to share our expertise with our clients so look for upcoming dates for our next Client Learning Event and let us know if there are any topics you would like us to cover in the future.