Corruption 2012: Ken Springer Of Corporate Resolutions

Originally published in The Wall Street Journal  on December 28, 2011
By: Nicholas Elliott
In Corruption 2012, experts look ahead and look back at 2011. Here we talk to Ken Springer, president of corporate investigations firm Corporate Resolutions Inc.
What will be the biggest corruption-related issues in 2012?
The biggest fraud for 2012 will be more victims  of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. I am hoping private equity firms are educating their foreign-based portfolio companies as to what they can and cannot do.  The only good news is that the Justice Department so far appears to be very forgiving if you implement compliance programs!
What was the most surprising development of 2011?
I think most surprising development of 2011 was the conviction of Raj Rajaratnam by use of wiretaps. This is a first in white-collar crime and based on experience, I would bet there will be more prosecutions coming.