Corporate Resolutions Inc. Announces Publication of “Digging for Disclosure,” New Book on Fraud Protection for Businesses

Corporate Resolutions Inc., a leading global business investigations and consulting firm, today announced the release of a new book, Digging for DisclosureTactics for Protecting Your Firm’s Assets from Swindlers, Scammers and Imposters (FT Press), co-authored by top business investigations experts, Corporate Resolutions’ President & Founder, Kenneth S. Springer and Director of Business Intelligence, Joelle Scott.

“Now, more than ever, investors and corporations need to know how to protect themselves from not just financial risk but reputational damage as well”

In Digging for Disclosure, expert fraud examiners Springer and Scott delve into some of the largest frauds uncovered in recent history — the likes of Madoff, Stanford, Cosmo and Pang — as well as dozens of lesser-known real-world case studies to illuminate key warning signs and provide investors with ways they can protect themselves from future vulnerabilities.
“While financial and legal due diligence are excepted norms in the investment community, appropriately thorough background checks on a management team, fund manager or investment advisor are often overlooked, leaving the investor vulnerable and subject to corporate crime,” said Kenneth S. Springer, a Certified Fraud Examiner, President & Founder of Corporate Resolutions and former special agent with the FBI. “In the book, we set out to record decades worth of lessons and case studies to hopefully teach investors how to take the proper preventive measures to protect themselves from corporate crime or fraud in any major investment, acquisition, merger or deal.”
Through expert insights, colorful case studies and proven best practices the authors outline how preventative business methods can help investors of all sizes protect their interests and avoid being the victims of fraud. By dissecting numerous actual situations, the reader is provided with simple, non-invasive ways to ensure their employees, investment targets and funds are free from potential fraud.
“Now, more than ever, investors and corporations need to know how to protect themselves from not just financial risk but reputational damage as well,” said Joelle Scott, Director of Business Intelligence at Corporate Resolutions Inc. “One essential mechanism for achieving that goal is adding background investigations to your due diligence process. Corporate fraud has been in the headlines throughout recent history, however, the issue is not limited to the present. We hope that in writing this book we are arming investors and firms with the tools to ensure their financial and personal future is not subject to unnecessary risks.”
“My partners and I have found a thorough background check process as described in Digging for Disclosure to be a vital part of our acquisition due diligence for more than 20 years,” said James Parsons, Managing Director at private equity firm, RFE Investment Partners. “We have seen first hand how the tactics described by Ken Springer and Joelle Scott have been effective in uncovering invaluable information about the owners and senior management of targeted acquisitions.”
Digging for Disclosure is a book for our times. On the heels of the Madoff Ponzi scheme and the meltdown of the financial markets, investors and companies need to do a better job of identifying executives they can put their trust in, and those they should be concerned about,” said Gregory Zuckerman, Senior Writer at The Wall Street Journal. “Springer and Scott do a great job helping readers identify discrepancies, vagaries and half-truths in the backgrounds of executives, and they do it in entertaining fashion.”
About the Book
Digging for Disclosure: Tactics for Protecting Your Firm’s Assets from Swindlers, Scammers and Imposters, (FT Press, December 2010, hardcover, $29.99. 208 pages, ISBN 10: 0131385569) available at at bookstores nationwide, and through major online booksellers. Check out an excerpt from the book by visiting FT Press at
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