Bloomberg BNA – CEOs Should Avoid Overexposure on Social Media

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By Genevieve Douglas
Executives who use social media should be extra careful about what they post, and HR has to take heed as well, practitioners tell Bloomberg BNA.
Scrutiny of chief executive officers’ social media accounts, and what they’re posting or following, has risen in the past year, Ken Springer, a former FBI agent and president of background check and investigative firm Corporate Resolutions, told Bloomberg BNA Feb. 17. When it comes to the CEO, organizations are extremely interested to know what their leaders are doing online, Springer said, and whether they’re consistent across social media sites. Inconsistencies often mean the CEO’s online activity should be examined further, Springer said.
Social media, and the ensuing ability of things to “go viral” has changed how leaders of companies have to reconcile having a professional and personal presence online, Springer said. Executives and their employees have a right to have a personal life, and a lot of these social media are mostly for personal use. “It’s really a gray area,” Springer said.
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