Assess Deals Remotely

During these unusual times the restrictions on travel and on-site meetings make it difficult to size up new opportunities and gauge the integrity of management teams. We created the CRInform Profile to help you get a head start by leveraging access to a full suite of desktop investigative tools and online resources that have not been compromised by COVID-19 restrictions.

CRInform Profile: A Proactive and Cost-Effective Solution
• A detailed profile of an individual or company compiled by our team of investigative analysts
• Evaluate multiple opportunities and identify key risks earlier in the life cycle of a deal

Scope, Pricing, Timing
• Regulatory review (US and Intl)
• Education credentials, professional licenses 
• Federal level civil lawsuits, criminal records, bankruptcy filings (national search)
• Negative media attention (traditional and online)
• Social media review
• Personal and professional known associates
• Vehicle and boat registrations

$1,250/US subject, $2,250/Int’l subject
CRInform Profile delivered in one week

For more information please contact:

Joelle Scott
Chief Operating Officer
917-685-5081 (mobile)