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Rhonda Schaffler, Reuters: 03.12.2014 - Interview between Rhonda Schaffler of Reuters and Ken Springer
Ken Springer sits down and speaks with Rhonda Schaffler from Reuters during. . .

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Karen E. Klein, Bloomberg Businessweek: 01.23.2014 - Stopping Scammers From Selling 'Shell' Corporations
The underlying principle in any business transaction—small or large—is that. . .

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Paul Katzeff, Investor's Business Daily: 12.27.2013 - 5 Tips To Avoiding Being A Victim Of Crooked Advisers
"It can be hard or impossible to get your money back after a con man makes . . .

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CNBC: Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo: Sniffing Out a Fraud
While regulators missed the red flags about Allen Stanford and Stanford Financial, Ken Springer, president of Corporate Resolutions, says ...

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FOX: FBI Agent on Madoff Case
Corporate Resolutions president and former FBI Special Agent Ken Springer explains the FBI's investigative process in the Madoff case ...

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