Social Media Posts Can Sink Deals

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A due diligence investigation firm reveals social media’s role in some of its most salacious cases.

People have been warned and warned over the past decade-plus: Be careful what you post on social media. Yet social sites are saturated with compromising posts, and a surprising number of them are made by business people with a lot of money staked on their reputations.
A clueless poster may, of course, suffer ill consequences. But as bad as those may be, they could represent something quite valuable to another party.
Corporate Resolutions, a firm staffed by former FBI agents and other professional investigators, conducts due diligence background checks on behalf of private equity firms, funds of funds, pension funds, and companies. Before making or receiving a big investment, signing a merger or acquisition agreement, or making a key hire, for example, a Corporate Resolution client seeks to gather as much information as possible on the target entity (and its management team) or the job candidate, as the case may be.
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