CRI Finds the Fraudster Before it Hit the News


A client was eyeing an investment in Centurion Credit Management, a hedge fund run by Murray Huberfeld. CRI was asked to investigate the firm and its founders.


Our investigators uncovered a litany of red flags. We learned that Huberfeld's associates had been convicted of fraud, made stock transactions without the appropriate regulatory authority, and been sanctioned by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and sued for fraud on multiple occasions. Huberfeld personally had also been arrested for providing forged identification documents to an individual he had hired to take his Series 7 Exams.


The plethora of discrepancies, litigation patterns, reputational issues and behavioural concerns quickly convinced our client not to invest. In the years that followed, Huberfeld and his associates were brought up on charges of fraud and corruption. The scam dominated the news for weeks and our client was glad to be spared the blowback.

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