CRI Detects a Terrorist


A textile company was seeking to broaden its outsourcing capabilities and form a joint venture with a manufacturer from Latin America. The firm asked CRI to conduct due diligence on the putative partner.


On the surface, the Latin American company appeared to have all its ducks in a row. However, an obscure document with a typographical error caught the attention of our investigative team. The analysis of the error suggested that the owner of the firm in question likely had ties to terrorist networks. To determine the veracity of the suspected ties, we worked with our network of sources in Latin America, federal law enforcement officials, and others with close knowledge of the firm. In doing so, we ultimately found that the owner was indeed a supporter of known terrorist organizations.


The client rapidly curtailed its plan and terminated its relationship with the prospective partner saving itself from vulnerability to fraud, criminal behavior and reputational damage.

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