Background Investigations

Due diligence background investigations have become the gold standard for information in any business transaction.  Before investing in any deal, hiring an executive or board member or in any situation where intelligence empowers your decision-making, our comprehensive background investigations are designed to cull thousands of sources to provide you with the most relevant information available on an individual or company.  Our investigations illuminate such issues as:

  • Resume fraud
  • Criminal history
  • Regulatory actions
  • Controversial media attention/inflammatory Internet postings
  • Conflicts of business interests
  • Involvement in problematic lawsuits (fraud; lawsuits involving investors or former employers; or sexual harassment)
  • Indications of financial stress (bankruptcies, judgments, liens)

After we review the results of our research efforts, we apply our investigative expertise and analysis and provide our clients with a Comprehensive Investigative Report that not only details the information we confirm but also highlights potentially problematic issues and presents recommendations on how to resolve these issues. During the course of this process, we are in constant communication with the client to relay information identified and any red flags uncovered along the way.

Further, as part of our process, we routinely conduct interviews of the subjects and references or other relevant parties to assist in clarifying any discrepancies or other murky issues that surface during the course of our investigation.

A Preliminary Report (verbal and/or written) is provided in 7 business days, and a Comprehensive Investigative Report is produced approximately 12 business days later.

International Investigations 

Our ability to conduct investigations goes beyond U.S. borders. CRI’s global background investigations are spearheaded by our team of international public record specialists and are complemented by our exclusive vetted network of investigators located across the globe. Our “best in breed” local partners are comprised of former FBI, CIA and other federal agents who have the resources and expertise required to gather intelligence for our clients.

CRI has successfully conducted investigations in over 75 countries.

The best part about our international investigations? The information is presented in the same manner as our US investigations: succinctly, clearly and intelligently. No decoder ring necessary.

Vendor Due Diligence 

As companies continue to grow and expand across the globe, there has been an increasing need for our clients to know more about their vendors.  Understanding these third-party relationships and identifying any threats or risks associated with vendors is critical.  The same expert methodology used in our background investigations is applied to our vendor assessments.  The delivery timeline is the same as for our background investigations.

Case Studies